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Collection: Fujitsu Mini Split Air Conditioners

Fujitsu has been creating exceptional ductless mini split systems for the past 40 years. Fujitsu has a proven international brand that has outshined the many competitors in the space. They have done particularly well in the United State by providing a well balanced portfolio of innovative products that service customers that are concerned for both efficiency and performance in specific climates.  They have a wide range of systems to choose from, and also have an extensive contractor network that can assist you with your installation. You can reach out to us to help you find an Elite Fujitsu Contractor in your area, or use Fujitsu's Contractor Network here.

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Fujitsu mini-splits are designed to fit the unique needs of your home. Fujitsu mini split systems can cater to the situation at hand because they’re focused on heating/cooling specific living spaces instead of being a one-size-fits-all solution for your whole home. They’re extremely customizable, energy-efficient, and easy to install. Whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed, or ducted solution, Fujitsu split systems can fit your unique situation.


Fujitsu mini-split air conditioners aren’t always a perfect fit, but they do have their place in almost all applications. They’re great for hot & cold spots, renovations, new construction, replacement systems, and light commercial spaces. 

Fujitsu’s split systems can come in air conditioning units or heat pumps. All the Fujitsu multi-zoned systems are heat pumps.

Fujitsu is an international leader in the ductless space within the HVAC industry.  They compete head to head with other manufacturers like Mitsubishi & LG but Fujitsu is hard to beat in high efficiency & low temperature options. Fujitsu offers systems with up to 33 SEER, the highest in the industry. Fujitsu also offers plenty of low temperature options, with systems that can cover down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are a customer in a region that enjoys long, cold winters, Fujitsu's extra low temperature ductless systems are the best bang for your buck when considering cost & performance. 


How To Find The Right Mitsubishi Mini Split

Fujitsu has multiple product lines that can heat or cool your home. Most likely, you'll stick to Mitsubishi's M-Series. One M-Series condensing unit (outdoor unit) can cool and heat 2400 square feet and connect up to eight indoor units. The M-Series is a full line-up of:

When using any of Mitsubishi's multi-zone outdoor units, you can use almost any combination of indoor units. If you'd like help finding the correct combination for your project, reach out to us.

Most of Mitsubishi's inverter-driven systems are certified by Energy Star. They're also up to 40% more energy efficient when you're comparing them to central HVAC systems. M-Series multi-zoned systems are ideal for supplementing a current system, new additions, or replacing a current system.

Mitsubishi's M-Series was designed for homeowners and small businesses.


How To Pick The Right Mitsubishi Condenser/Outdoor Unit

We routinely consult on ductless systems, and there are three main questions we ask when helping pick the right outdoor unit:

  1. What's the overall size of the system?
  2. Is it going to be the primary source of heat for your home?
  3. What is the average winter/cold season temperature for your area?


Sizing Your System

You can find our calculator for sizing a room/home here. When you're sizing your mini-split system, make sure you add together the capacity of each indoor unit that's going to be connected to it.


Using Mitsubishi Mini-Splits As Your Primary Source Of Heat

It's important to make sure the outdoor unit is sized based on your needs. If mini splits are going to be your primary source of heat, it's prudent for you to oversize key individual units. Oversizing a unit doesn't work well for most traditional HVAC systems because they don't adjust their output based on the rooms/houses' needs. But since Mitsubishi mini splits use inverter-driven compressors, they constantly modulate their output based on the requirements of the room.

Slightly sizing up key indoor units in master bedrooms or living rooms could mean the difference between those areas not having enough heat/air conditioning on intemperate days.


Using Mitsubishi Mini-Splits In Extreme Temperature Climates

Mitsubishi innovated on the heat pump and pioneered Hyper-Heating technology (or H2i®). H2i® low-ambient heating technology is designed for cold climates that routinely dip below 20 degrees. Currently, Hyper-Heating units can produce 100% of their heating capacity down to -5°F - making them a viable heating source in low-temperature climates.

Selecting Your Multi-Zone Outdoor Units

Number of Zones Model Number Hyper Heat Model Number Rated BTU Capacity Connectable BTU Capacity
2 MXZ-2C20NA MXZ-2C20NAHZ 20,000 24,000
3 MXZ-3C24NA MXZ-3C24NAHZ 24,000 27,000
3 MXZ-3C30NA MXZ-3C30NAHZ 30,000 36,000
4 MXZ-4C36NA MXZ-4C36NAHZ 36,000 42,000
5 MXZ-5C42NA MXZ-5C42NAHZ 42,000 51,000
8 MXZ-8C48NA MXZ-8C48NAHZ 48,000 62,000
8 MXZ-8C60NA MXZ-8C60NA 60,000 78,000


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