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Ductless Mini Split Applications

Ductless mini splits can be installed in many different applications. Garages, cabins, attics, bedrooms, main living spaces, and sunrooms are just a few places. Mini splits can make any uncomfortable space comfortable.

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Garage Workspaces

Mini splits are often placed in garages to make them comfortable all year round for hobby or work.

Cabins & Bungelows

Ductless mini splits are often installed in cabins or bungalows where the heat source might be a fireplace but there is no air conditioning.

Main Living Space

Living rooms or main living spaces can get really hot or really cold depending on where the room is located. Mini Splits can help regulate temperature.

Man Caves and Additions

Mini splits can heat and cool man caves and new additions that don't have any heat or cooling.


Mini splits can be installed in uncomfortable bedrooms either in basements or third floors.

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