What Is Ductless?

Ductless Systems? What Is It?

Unlike central air conditioners, these systems are duct-free. Ductless systems are known as split systems because they can heat and cool your home. These split systems (also called mini-splits or duct-free systems) usually have one outdoor unit (the condenser) and at least one indoor unit (the evaporator) inside of your home.

Ductless systems (both indoor and outdoor units) are connected with copper insulated refrigerant lines that pump cooled or heated refrigerant directly from the indoor units to the outdoor units and back again.

The factors to look at when you choose your ductless cooling and heating system are BTU’s, number of zones (rooms), and the indoor unit type or style. Learn more about the indoor unit styles below. 

How to pick the right ductless system for you?

Single zones are generally used to cool one room, if you want to cool more than one, a multi-room ductless system can be used that has two, three, or up to eight indoor units to one outdoor unit.  Each of the indoor units can be set to their own temperature and work separately from the rest of the connected indoor units with the limitation of the operation mode. All indoor units must be on the same operation mode: cooling or heating.

Indoor Ductless Unit Styles

Wall Mounted

Sleek wall-mounted units not only provide cooling and heating to your room, but they also adjust their fan speed and capacity to fine-tune your comfort. Return air sensor, located on the top of the unit, monitor room conditions and automatically adjust to maintain the temperature you choose.

You can monitor and adjust your system with a hand-held remote control, or from any mobile devices when using a wireless interface. You will never again have to worry about making sure your system is on the right setting and temperature.

The wall-mounted units have a sleek design that blends into your environments. 

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Floor Mounted

The floor-mounted indoor units have champion efficiency, technology, and style to offer you and your family an incredible ductless air solution. Floor-mounted units are stylish, yet brilliantly engineered. These indoor units can completely heat and cool any room in your home while adding a modern touch to it.

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Ceiling Mounted

The ceiling recessed ductless indoor units can be installed in either drop-ceilings or hard ceilings with only a small access panel needed for service. Although ceiling recessed indoor units can be ductless solutions for residential homes, they are most commonly used in commercial settings such as in schools, churches, business centers, and medical offices.

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Mini Ducted Mounted

Although the vents of horizontal ducted units look like that of a traditional ducted unit, the units themselves operate on innovative ductless technology. Get the same hidden ducted look with even better ductless operation.

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Outdoor Units

Outdoor Units

Mini split ductless outdoor units are designed to blend in with your home and yard. Because outdoor systems are typically one foot in depth, we recommend installing them on exterior walls instead of on the ground when applicable. This way the unit can avoid the ground's constant shifts and can be placed out of the reach of your children and/or animals.

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