Fujitsu UTY-RNRUZ Touch Screen Wired Remote Controller

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General Information

  • Operation modes: Custom Auto / Cool / Dry / Fan / Heat
  • Touch Panel w/ backlit display
  • Room Air Temperature display
  • User-friendly control
  • Group & Individual Control: Up to 16 individual indoor units can be simultaneously controlled.
  • Human Sensor Setting: Controls the temperature setting to save energy costs when no one is occupying the room.
  • Fan Control for Energy Saving: Fan operates intermittently, and power is saved when set temperature is reached during cooling operation.
  • Auto-Off Timer Setting: Operation stops after the set time when the operation button starts indoor unit operation.
  • Weekly Timer Setting: A weekly operation schedule can be set. Two schedule patterns can be created, with up to 8 events per day.
  • Zone Temperature Offset: Manually adjust zone temperature reading to optimize comfort.

    Package Includes

    • UTY-RNRUZ Touch Screen Wired Remote Controller