Fujitsu Mini Split Review: 5 Reasons to Install Fujitsu

Fujitsu Mini Split Review: 5 Reasons to Install Fujitsu

Today we will do an overview of the Fujitsu mini split catalog by breaking down the 5 key reasons why someone would install a Fujitsu system in their home or business.

Fujitsu General has been manufacturing mini splits for the better part of 50 years. As a Japanese company, Fujitsu slowly but precisely rolled out their manufacturing across the globe. They entered the US and the North American market in the early 2010s, partnering with Rheem (a well known HVAC manufacturer) to manufacture Fujitsu branded mini splits and air conditioners. They haven’t looked back ever since and are now producing both residential and commercial mini split products. 

They have had their fair share of bumps along the road but they have improved their product line with helpful R&D over the years. Their 10-12 year warranty really speaks for their desire to manufacture and produce high quality mini split equipment. We will break down the value in this article but we think Fujitsu is a great product considering the cost vs. other high warranty brands. 

Now with that being said, let’s jump into the 5 reasons why someone would consider buying a Fujitsu mini split. 

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5 Key Reasons to Install Fujitsu

1. Single Zone Kings

We think the number one reason why someone would buy Fujitsu is because they excel in producing single-zone mini-split systems. This is due to their wide range of indoor unit styles, various levels of energy efficient systems, and systems with low-temperature options. This combination of style variety, energy efficiency, and low-temperature performance makes Fujitsu a standout choice for single-zone mini-split systems.

We’ll break down each of these for clarity. 

1. Many Indoor Unit Style

Fujitsu General offers a wide array of indoor unit styles to suit various needs and preferences, making them a top choice in the mini-split market.

1. For wall-mounted units, they provide sleek and compact options that blend seamlessly into any room. 

See Product Here: 

2. Floor-mounted units are ideal for spaces where wall mounting is not feasible, offering flexible installation options. 

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3. Ceiling cassette units are perfect for maintaining a clean aesthetic, as they are discreetly installed in the ceiling and distribute air evenly throughout the room. 

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4. Slim ducted units are designed for installation in narrow attic or basement spaces, providing efficient heating and cooling without compromising on comfort.

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5. Medium static slim ducted units offer similar benefits but with increased airflow, making them suitable for larger rooms or spaces with higher heating and cooling demands.

Fujitsu Slim Ducted Mini Split

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6. Finally, multi-position air handlers offer versatile installation options, allowing for ceiling, floor, or wall mounting to accommodate different room layouts.

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2. Many Energy Efficiency Levels

The Fujitsu wall mounted indoor single zones have a variety of options in terms of energy efficiency. They have 3 different levels of energy efficiency. 

1. Highest Efficiency 25.3-331.1 SEER2

The highest efficiency Fujitsu single zone units range from 25.3-33.1 SEER2. This variance in efficiency is just based on the size of the indoor units. The 9k (the smallest size) has an efficiency rating of 33.1 SEER2 which is very high compared to the rest of the market. 

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2. Mid-Tier: 21.1-26.5 SEER2

The second highest rating is in the Mid-Tier category. The Mid-Tier systems range from 21.1-26.5 SEER2. This is a more affordable category but still boasts impressive SEER2 ratings. 

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3. Entry- Tier: 18-20 SEER2

This last category is the Entry-Tier category. This is the lowest energy efficiency category. This system is for the customers that need an affordable system without caring much about energy efficiency. 18-20 SEER2 is still higher than most traditional heat pumps so all in all it is not a terrible option.

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3. Low Temperature Options 

The third reason Fujitsu dominates single zone options is their low temperature outdoor unit options. Low temperature outdoor units are able to keep your mini split heating down to -15 F whereas most other heat pumps including mini splits begin to suffer around freezing point. This gives you the home or business owner the comfort of knowing your system will be heating even in the coldest temperatures. Low Temperature Options (wall mounted, floor mounted, and multi-position air handlers all have low temperature outdoor options that work down to -15F) 

    1. The low temperature outdoor units are available for wall mounted, floor mounted, and multi-position single zones. This is great because it doesn’t restrict low temperature capability to just wall mounted single zones.
    2. The great thing about low temperature outdoor unit options is that they have 100% heating capacity down to 0F. The vast majority of the United States doesn’t experience cold temperatures of below 0 F. This means that a Fujitsu single zone would provide continuous efficient heat throughout the entire winter for the majority of the states in the United States.
    3. Another great benefit of low-temperature outdoor units is that they have a built in base-pan heater to prevent ice build up. This is important for states that have a large majority of snow/ice build up throughout the winter. 


2. Multi-Zone Flexibility

The next reason why people choose to go with Fujitsu is because of their multi-zone system flexibility. This breaks down to a few categories: Diverse indoor unit styles, Low temperature outdoor options, and general affordability while still maintaining value. 

1. Many Indoor Unit Styles

Fujitsu has various indoor unit styles that can be connected to the same outdoor unit. They have the wall mounted units, the floor mounted units, the ceiling cassettes, and the slim ducted low static units. All of these can be mixed and matched to fit whatever needs you have. 

2. Affordable Low Temperature Options

Another reason why Fujitsu multi-zone options are popular is because they offer low temperature multi-zone outdoor unit options ranging from 18k-36k BTU which covers a large majority of residential mini split project. They also have standard multi-zone outdoor units which range between 18k-45k. However, the low temperature units operate down to 0F with 100% capacity which is great if you are heating an entire house with the mini split system. 

3. General Affordability | High Value

The last reason why customers choose Fujitsu multi-zone systems is because of their affordability. Fujitsu stands near the other high quality brands such as Mitsubishi, LG, Daikin, and Hitachi mainly due to their 10-12 year warranty options. Their mechanical quality isn’t quite as reputable as the likes of Mitsubishi or LG but they do have a reliable product line nonetheless. A full multi-zone mini split system for Fujitsu would probably be 10-15% more affordable compared to Mitsubishi and/or other brands. Customers choose to go with Fujitsu because they are able to secure a decade long warranty while not breaking the bank when first installing their systems. 

3. Rebate + Tax Credit Eligibility

The third reason people choose to install Fujitsu is because of their rebate and tax credit eligibility. The majority of their SKUs do quality for both rebates, federal tax credits, and utility rebates and credits. This obviously helps the budget tremendously when considering the overall cost of installing a Fujitsu mini split system. 

The Federal IRA tax credit program incentivizes home and business owners who decide to upgrade or install an efficient heat pump system in their home by providing a tax credit of up to 30% the total cost of the project, with a limit of $2,000 total. So, it has never been a better time to install a mini split. The unfortunate thing is that with increased government incentives and benefits, the price of the manufactured product naturally increases which negates any benefits that the program brings. However, it is still a factor to consider if you are able to minimize overall project costs. 

    1. A good portion of SKUs have rebates and tax credits available. Please follow the following links to see whether a SKU you are interested in qualifies for any rebates or credits. 

Rebate Finder:

Tax Credit Eligibility:


4. High Warranty

The fourth category of why customers choose to go with Fujitsu is because of the industry high warranties that are offered by the manufacturer. This tells us that the manufacturer really trusts the products that they are producing. As of right now, Fujitsu offers an out of the box years compressor warranty and a 5 years parts warranty. If you register the system within 60-90 days of installation then it is 10 years compressor and parts. If you register the system within 60-90 days of installation and you have a Fujtisu certified technician install the system, then you get 10 years of compressor and parts warranty. 

This warranty term is practically identical to the other high quality players in the market such as Mitsubishi, LG, and Daikin.

Now it is important to say that a 12 year warranty doesn’t remove all risk of part replacements and part breakdowns. If something breaks down then you would still need to pay for the labor to have the part replaced (not fully considering any cost of downtime). 


5. Affordable Budget Pricing

The #1 reason people choose Fujitsu is because of their high value yet affordability. Fujitsu is definitely the most affordable out of the other high quality options such as Mitsubishi, LG, and Daikin. Fujitsu’s strategy is to label themselves as a high quality brand, competitive to Mitsubishi and the like, while toning down on certain features and styles to minimize costs and enable affordability. 

Mini split projects can add up in cost when considering all the materials, equipment, and labor. Sometimes customers start with wanting the best of the best, then when all calculations are made they realize that it is quite expensive. We have seen many people start off with wanting Mitsubishi and then settle with Fujitsu strictly because of cost. The reason these shifts are made is because Fujitsu is still a quality brand but still affordable after all costs are considered. 

Now let’s take a side step and consider Fujitsu vs. the rest of the market. There are many mini split options in the market as of right now (2024). The large majority of the brands are just white labeled Chinese mini splits that all come from the same factory. The majority of the mini splits that are manufactured in the world are either Midea, Daikin, or Gree. These are the manufacturers that partner with big brand names like Pioneer, Mr. Cool, Senville, and others. The true mini split manufacturing brands are the ones that have a direct hand on manufacturing, R&D, and product quality control. Brands like Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, LG, Daikin, and Hitachi are among the companies that truly do have millions in R&D to develop and produce the best mini splits for their customers. Out of the high quality manufacturers, Fujitsu stands as the true winner in cost sensitivity while still holding on to performance and longevity. 


Fujitsu is a great brand to choose when making the decision to install a mini split system in your home or business. We listed 5 reasons why customers would choose Fujitsu.

  1. Single Zone Kings
  2. Multi-Zone Flexibility
  3. Rebate & Tax Credit Eligible
  4. Industry’s Longest Warranty
  5. Affordable Pricing

Now we only listed 5 reasons in this blog article but there are plenty of other reasons why customers would choose Fujitsu over other brands. We are here to help you choose the right system for you. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 866-399-0206 and/or email us at