PVA-A30AA7 - Mitsubishi P-Series 30,000 BTU Multi-Position Air Handler

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The Mitsubishi 30,000 BTU P-Series Multi-Position ducted air handler provides a solution to cool and heat zones in commercial spaces, or residential homes that need more capacity. It is unique in that it can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The PVA-A30AA7 has selectable external static pressure: 0.30, 0.50 and 0.80 in.WG with 3 fan speeds at each static setting. It also has a 1 inch R4.2 fiberglass free insulation that reduces condensation and boosts efficiency.

This unit is perfect for customers that need to condition an entire house with existing ducted work while still experiencing the savings and comfort that comes with all Mitsubishi products.

Unit Type: Multi-Position Air Handler
Product Line: P-Series PVA
Operating Mode: Cooling & Heating
Number of Zones: 1
Unit Size: 30,000 BTU
Line Set Size: 3/8 x 5/8"
Required Install Kit: IKIT3858
WiFi Enabled: Yes with Kumo Cloud
WiFi Built In: No

Indoor Unit: PVA-A30AA7
Remote Control NOT INCLUDED

Cooling Capacity 30,000 BTU
Heating Capacity up to 34,000 BTU
Airflow Rate, CFM 613-744-875
Room Cooling/Heating Capacity up to 1250 sq ft

Noise Level: Cooling: 30-38 dB(A)
Noise Level: Heating: 30-38 dB(A)
Size W: 21" x H: 54-1/4" x D: 21-5/8"
Weight: 141 lbs

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