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Mitsubishi MSZ-FS09NA & MUZ-FS09NA 29.8 SEER Hyper-Heating H2i® System

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The Mitsubishi 9,000 BTU single-zone heat pump system (MUZ-FS09NA & MSZ-FS09NA) is an extremely efficient heating and cooling option that can handle one mid-sized 400 sq ft room. The FS09 Deluxe Wall-Mount heat pump system features Mitsubishi's 3D i-see Sensor, multiple airflow settings because of the dual vanes, triple air filtration with deodorizing capabilities, and a dual barrier coating on the heat exchanger.


*If you're looking to purchase just the outdoor unit (MUZ-FS09NA), give us a call at (866) 399-0206 - we'd be happy to accommodate*


General Information

  •  Mounted
  •  FS-Series
  • Cooling & Heating
  • Yes (Hyper Heating)
  • 1
  •  9,000 BTU
  • 1/4" x 3/8"
  • IKIT1438
  • Yes with Kumo Cloud
  • No

Package Includes

  • MSZ-FS09NA
  • MUZ-FS09NA
  • *Remote comes with the indoor unit


  •  12,000 BTU
  •  18,000 BTU
  •  29.8
  •  16.05
  •  10.9
  • -13 F
  • 14 F
  •  up to 400 sq ft


  •  Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes




3D i-see Sensor



The 3D i-see Sensor scans the room in infrared sweeping from left to right and back, breaking the room up into thermal zones. It continuously analyzes the temperature in the room detecting cool and warm spots.

Depending on your sensor settings, when heat signatures are detected, the system automatically directs cold/warm air their way. It can also direct cold/warm air away from heat signatures in the room. You can use the direct/indirect feature to balance the temperature in the room as well.

When no heat signatures are detected in the space, the sensor can automatically adjust the temperature levels in the room, or switch to an energy-saving mode.


Dual Vanes


Dual vanes separate airflow into different directions, supplying air across a wide area of the room; and also reaching people in two separate locations. Vanes can be moved left and right, and up and down, helping improve airflow control and solve the problem of drafts.

The dual vanes help the 3D i-see Sensor direct air exactly where needed with direct/indirect mode. This mode offers finely tuned operation by locating where an occupant is in the room and sends the air directly or indirectly according to the selected mode on the remote.


Triple Air Filtration


A special process for the entrapment surface improves the filtering effect, making the maintenance cycle longer than that of units equipped with conventional filters. There are three built-in filters that come with the FS09.


Nano Platinum Filter

This filter has a large capture area and incorporates nanometer-sized platinum-ceramic particles that work to kill bacteria and deodorize the circulating air. This high-performance filter has a much finer mesh compared to standard filters and is capable of capturing minute particulates floating in the air that were not previously caught. This filter removes dust particles from the air.


Deodorizing/Catechin Filter

Catechin is a bioflavonoid by-product of green tea with both antiviral and antioxidant qualities. The catalyst coating on the honeycomb-structured frame captures small foul-smelling substances in the air, then breaks down the source of the odors with the power of the ozone generated in a plasma electrode unit. In addition to improving air quality, it prevents the spreading of bacteria and viruses throughout the room and also has an excellent deodorizing effect. This filter has a large capture area and deodorizes the circulating air.


Electrostatic Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter

This filter is charged with static electricity, enabling it to attract and capture dust particles regular filters can't capture. This filter can also trap allergens such as bacteria and decompose them using enzymes retained in the filter.


Mitsubishi Electric retired their FH06 (MSZ-FH09NA & MSZ-FH09NA) Wall-Mounted 30.5 SEER Hyper-Heating H2i® Single-Zone System and updated it with the FS09.



Note: Based on availability, your equipment can come branded as Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi/Trane, or Mitsubishi/American Standard. They are the same systems, just co-branded based on Mitsubishi partnerships.


Mitsubishi/Trane Branded Equipment:
  • Hyper Heat - NTXWPH09B112AA & NTXSPH09B112AA* - Submittal
Mitsubishi/American Standard Branded Equipment:
  • Hyper Heat - NAXWPH09B112AA & NAXSPH09B112AA* - Submittal