Mitsubishi (MXZ-5C42NA) 42,000 BTU 5-Zone Heat Pump Unit

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The Mitsubishi 42,000 BTU multi-zone outdoor heat pump (MXZ-5C42NA2-U1) is an extremely efficient heating and cooling option that can handle up to five zones.

Mitsubishi's current 42,000 BTU outdoor heat pump model is the MXZ-5C42NA2-U1. This specific outdoor unit of the MXZ-5C42NA2-U1 is part of Mitsubishi's M-Series, catering to residential applications.

For proper installation, you will need 

    1. Line Set - When hooking up indoor units to the MXZ-5C42NA, you may need a few different combinations of refrigerant line-sets 


  1. Disconnect Box & Electrical Whip Kit - The disconnect & whip kit comes in each installation kit. It provides a safe and simple way to connect your outdoor condenser to your homes' electrical panel
  2. Outdoor Condenser Plastic Pad (Optional) - This pad provides an even surface, free of debris, on which to place your outdoor condenser. It's included with multi-zone systems orders.
  3. Wall Bracket (Optional) - A simple and sturdy way to mount your outdoor condensing unit off of the ground and attached to your home. It's included with multi-zone systems orders.
  4. Port Adapters  (Optional)Port adapters are sometimes necessary when connecting multiple indoor units to an outdoor unit. See installation manual to see when these items are necessary.

General Information

  • 3.5-Ton Inverter Condenser
  • M-Series
  • Cooling & Heating
  •  NO
  • 5
  •  42,000 BTU

Dimensions & Specs

  • 41 9/32" Height
  • 37 13/32" Width 
  • 13" Depth
  • Weight : 189 lbs
  • Noise Level: 56-58 decibals

Package Includes

  • MXZ-5C42NA*


  •  40,500 BTU
  •  45,000 BTU
  • 19.7
  • 10.30
  •  5 F
  • 14 F
  •  up to 1750 sq ft


  •  Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

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