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Mitsubishi 36,000 BTU Hyper-Heat Ceiling Cassette Single Zone Heat Pump Unit (PLA-A36AEA7 & PUZ-HA36NKA7)

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Mitsubishi's commercial 36,000 BTU Hyper-Heat Ceiling Cassette single zone heat pump (PLA-A30EA7R1.TH & PUZ-HA36NKA7) is part of Mitsubishi's P-series. This single zone unit is perfect for larger retail shops, classrooms, office spaces, conference centers, building lobbies, and more commercial applications. 

Mitsubishi Electric created the P-series systems for commercial applications. P-series systems are built with more durable materials, meant to survive through dirtier, high trafficked environments. 

This 36,000 BTU ceiling cassette single zone heat pump is super efficient and built to make sense for your business. It provides low ambient cooling down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and can cool continuously for 24 hours in the harshest conditions. It also has filter light indicators for maintenance reminders and has an outside air intake option. This line is also equipped with a 3D i-see Sensor® for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency. 

For proper installation, plan for:

  1. Line Set - When hooking up the indoor (PLA-A36EA7) to the outdoor ( PUZ-HA36NKA7) you'll need a 3/8 x 5/8" line-set kit. Our line-sets kits come in different lengths; however, you can cut all the materials to fit your specifications.
  2. Disconnect Box & Electrical Whip Kit - The disconnect & whip kit comes in each installation kit. It provides a safe and simple way to connect your outdoor condenser to your homes' electrical panel.
  3. Outdoor Condenser Plastic Pad (Optional) - This pad provides an even surface, free of debris, on which to place your outdoor condenser. 
  4. 17" Snow Risers Kit (Optional) - This kit provides about 5" space to prevent damage to the unit caused by ice build up from drainage of condensate when operating in heat pump mode  
  5. Outdoor Condenser Bracket (Optional) - This bracket provides an even surface, off the ground, on which to place your outdoor condenser. This bracket can handle up to 400 lbs and is great way to ground your outdoor unit system. 

Connectable Accessories 

  1. Wired Digital Thermostat - PAR40MAAU
  2. kumo Cloud™ Interface -PAC-USWHS002-WF-2
  3. Thermostat Interface - PAC-US445CN-1
  4. Remote Humidity & Temperature Sensor - PAC-USWHS003-TH-1
  5. kumo touch™ RedLINK™ Wireless Controller - MHK2

General Information

  •  P-Series
  •  Cooling & Heating
  •  Yes
  •  36,000 BTU

Package Includes

  • Indoor Unit:  PLA-A36EA7R1.TH
  • Grille: PLP-41EAEU


  •  36,000 BTU
  •  Up to 40,000 BTU
  •  20.0
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes
  •  -22˚F
  •  0˚F (With Wind Baffles)
  • Heating Capacity at 5 F: 38,000 BTU
  •  Up to 2000 Sq Ft

Outdoor Unit Specs

  • Noise Level: Cooling: 52 dB(A)
  • Noise Level: Heating: 53 dB(A)
  • Dimentions: W: 41-5/16" x D: 14-3/16" x H: 52-11/16"
  • Weight: 261 lbs
  • Electrical: 208/230V 35 AMP
  • Color: Ivory Munsell

Indoor Unit Specs

  • Noise Level: Cooling: 32-44 dB(A)
  • Noise Level: Heating: 32-44 dB(A)
  • Dimensions (Unit//Grille): W: 33-1/16"//37-13/32" x D: 33-1/16"//37-13/32" x H: 11-3/4"//1-9/16"
  • Weight: 56 // 11  lbs
  • External Finish Color: White Munsell 


  •  Yes

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