MXZ-2C20NAHZ - Mitsubishi H2i® Hyper-Heating 20,000 BTU 2-Zone Heat Pump Unit

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The Mitsubishi 20,000 BTU dual multi-zone outdoor heat pump (MXZ-2C20NAHZ) is an extremely efficient low temperature heating and cooling option that can handle two zones.

Mitsubishi's current 20,000 BTU outdoor heat pump model is the MXZ-2C20NAHZ2. This specific outdoor unit allows you to connect a wide variety of indoor units that can range up to 15,000 BTU. The MXZ-2C20NAHZ is part of Mitsubishi's M-Series, catering to residential applications.

For proper installation, plan for:

  1. Refrigerant Line Set - When hooking up indoor units to the MXZ-2C20NAHZ, you'll need refrigerant lines. They can be two different combinations for this outdoor unit: 1/4" & 3/8" for 6,000-12,000 BTU units and 1/4" & 1/2' for 15,000 BTU units. Our line-sets kits come in different lengths; however, you can cut the copper pipes to fit your application.


  1. Port Adapters - If you are installing a 15,000 BTU and a 6,000 BTU system, you will need a port adapter for the 15,000 BTU indoor unit because of the difference of refrigerant line-set sizes. 

  1. Disconnect Box & Electrical Whip Kit - The disconnect & whip kit comes in each installation kit. It provides a safe and simple way to connect your outdoor condenser to your homes' electrical panel.


  1. Outdoor Condenser Plastic Pad (Optional) - This pad provides an even surface, free of debris, on which to place your outdoor condenser. It also comes with snow-risers to provide separation from the ground. 


  1. Wall Bracket (Optional) - A wall bracket is a simple and sturdy way to mount your outdoor condensing unit off of the ground and attached to your home. 

General Information

  •  1.5-Ton Inverter Condenser
  •  M-Series
  •  Cooling & Heating
  •  2
  •  20,000 BTU

Package Includes

  •  MXZ-2C20NAHZ2


  •  20,000 BTU
  •  25,500 BTU
  •  17
  •  9.8
  •  -13 F
  •  14 F


  • Noise Level: Cooling: 54 decibals 
  • Noise Level: Heating - 58 decibals 
  • Size W: 37 13/32"
  • Size: H: 41 9/32"
  • Size: D: 13"
  • Weight: 187 lbs
  • Electrical: 40 AMP


  •  Yes
  •  Yes
  •  Yes