Mitsubishi 12,000 BTU Commercial Horizontal Ducted Unit (PEAD-A12AA8 & SUZ-KA12NA2)

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The Mitsubishi 12,000 BTU horizontal ducted single zone heat pump (PEAD-A12AA8 & SUZ-KA12NA2) is an extremely efficient heating and cooling option that can fit in a limited space while still providing amazing comfort. This quiet beast of a single zone is built for residential homes, retail shopping centers, larger classrooms, office complexes, conference rooms, ballrooms, fitness centers, and more.

This particular single zone system has a M-series outdoor that does not provide cooling down to 0 F, and only provides heating down to 5 F. Although this single zone can be used in commercial applications, it is mainly for residential purposes due to its cooling limitations.

This single zone unit runs on a variable speed INVERTER-driven compressor to save you money while it runs. It is energy star certified and is built to be an efficient system for your home or business. This single zone unit is perfect for customers that have limited space but want a great system.

Unit Type Horizontal Ducted
Product Line: P-Series PEAD
Operating Mode: Cooling & Heating
Number of Zones: 1
Unit Size: 12,000 BTU
Line Set Size: 1/4" x 1/2"
Required Install Kit- 1/4" & 1/2"
WiFi Enabled:: Yes with Kumo Cloud
WiFi Built In: No

Indoor Unit: PEAD-A12AA8
Outdoor Unit: SUZ-KA12NAR2
Remote Controller NOT INCLUDED

Cooling Capacity 12,000 BTU
Heating Capacity 17,000 BTU
Connectable Capacity: 12,000 BTU
SEER 20.5
EER 12.9
HSPF 13.0
Heating Lockout Temperature: -9 F
Cooling Minimum Temp 14 F
Room Cooling/Heating Capacity: up to 500 sq ft

• Unobtrusive ceiling-concealed design for short-run ductwork
• Wide ranging external static pressure (0.14-0.60 in. WG)
• Built-in condensate lift mechanism (up to 27-9/16”)
• Auto fan speed mode
• Optional FB Series filter boxes for easy access and service
• Ideal for residential homes, retail shopping centers, larger classrooms, office complexes, conference rooms, ballrooms, fitness centers, and more
• Multiple control options available:
• kumo cloud® smart device app for remote access
• Third-party interface options
• Wired or wireless controllers

• Variable speed INVERTER-driven compressor
• Innovative Joint Lap DC Motor leads to high efficiency and reliability
• Pulse Amplitude Modulation technology
• High-performance grooved piping for increased heat exchange efficiency

Noise Level: Cooling: 28-34 dB(A)
Noise Level: Heating: 28-34 dB(A)
Size W: 35-7/16"
Size: H: 9-7/8"
Size: D: 28-7/8"
Weight: 58 lbs

Noise Level: Cooling: 49 dB(A)
Noise Level: Heating: 51 dB(A)
Size W: 31-1/2"
Size: H: 21-5/8"
Size: D: 11-1/4"
Weight: 81 lbs
Electrical: 15 AMP

Cooling @95°F:
Maximum: 12,000 BTU/h
Rated: 12,000 BTU/h
Minimum: 4,400 BTU/h

Heating at 47°F:
Maximum: 17,000 BTU/h
Rated: 15,000 BTU/h
Minimum: 4,800 BTU/h

Heating at 17°F:
Maximum: 11,200 BTU/h
Rated: 9,900 BTU/h
Minimum: -

Heating at 5°F:
Maximum: 7,900 BTU/h
Rated: -
Minimum: -

Heating at -4°F:
Maximum: 5,900 BTU/h
Rated: -
Minimum: -

SEER1 | SEER2: 20.5 | 20.0
EER1 | EER2: 12.9 | 11.8
HSPF1 | HSPF1: 13.0 | 10.9
COP @ 47°F: 3.7
COP @ 17°F: 2.5
COP @ 5°F: 2.8

208/230V, 1 phase, 60Hz
Recommended Fuse/Breaker Size: 15Amps
Recommended Wire Size (Indoor - Outdoor) 14 AWG

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