Goodman 3 Ton 21" AMVE Deluxe Variable Speed Multi-Position Air Handler - AMVE36CP1400

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The Goodman AMVE36CP1400 3 Ton 21" AMVE Deluxe Variable Speed Air Handler with Internal Factory installed TXV is a great option to use as an indoor cooling component for your home or business HVAC system. This model comes with a 10-year parts warranty if the product is registered within 60 days of installation. This product must be connected to an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump.

Model Number: AMVE36CP1400
Tonnage: 3.0 Ton
TXV: Internally Installed
Size: 21"W x 21"D x 53 7/16 "H
Line-Set Sizes: 3/8", 7/8"

Goodman 3 Ton 21" Deluxe Variable Speed Air Handler - AMVE36CP1400
Factory Installed TXV

- Internal factory installed thermal expansion valve
- Variable-speed ECM blower motor
- Integrated communicating ComfortBridge technology
- Commissioning and diagnostics on board Bluetooth with the CoolCloud phone and tablet application
- All Aluminum Coil
- Auto configeration of the airflow and tonnage in communicating mode
- Provides constant CFM over a wide range of static pressure conditions
- CFM indicator
- Fault recall of six most recent faults
- Provides adjustable low CFM for efficient fan-only operation
- Improved humidity and comfort control
- Built-in compatibility with multi-stage heat pump and cooling applications

Nominal BTUs: 36,000
Weight: 140 lbs
Line-Set Sizes: 3/8" Liquid, 7/8" Suction
Unit Dimensions: 21 "W x 21" D x 53 7/16"H
Warranty: 10 Years Parts Limited

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