Fujitsu 30,000 BTU 19.1 SEER Extra Low Temp Multi-Position Air Handler Single Zone System

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Fujitsu 30,000 BTU 19.1 SEER Extra Low Temp Multi-Position Air Handler Single Zone System is the perfect product to replace your inefficient unitary ducted system. This particular system is 4x quieter and much more efficient than your traditional heat pump. This system comes with an out of the box 7 year compressor / 5 years part warranty, 10 year warranty if its installed by a licensed HVAC tech and registered within 60 days, or a 12 year warranty if it's installed by a Fujitsu Elite contractor.

Unit Type: Multi-Position Air Handler
Product Line: Multi-Position Infinite Comfort
Operating Mode: Cooling & Heating
Low Ambient Heat: Yes
Number of Zones: 1
Unit Size: 30,000 BTU
Line Set Size: 3/8" x 5/8"

Indoor Unit: AMUG30LMAS
Remote Controller Not Included
Outdoor Unit AOUH30LUAH1

Cooling Capacity 28,600 BTU
Min-Max Cooling: 9,600-35,000 BTU
Heating Capacity 32,000 BTU
Min-Max Heating: 9,200 - 39,000 BTU
SEER: 19.1
HSPF: 10.5
EER: 12.0
Heating Minimum & Maximum Temp: -15 F - 75 F
Cooling Minimum & Maximum Temp: 14 F - 115 F
Room Cooling/Heating Sizing: up to 1,250 sq ft

Capability to effectively heat down to -15 F
Manage your unit from anywhere using FGAir - accessory wifi module needed (UTY-TFSXZ2)
Static pressure up to 1.0" W.G, automatic static pressure detection for install conditions
True Multi-Position Design - up flow, down flow, and horizontal flow
Indoor sound levels as low as 24 dBA
Uses Anti-corrosive coil coating on outdoor unit

Moisture Removal: 6.8 Pt./h
Air Circulation Modes: Hi, Medium, Low, Quiet
Air Mode CFMs: 870, 730, 590, 310
Indoor Sound Levels (dBs,Cooling/Heating): 42/39, 37/36, 28/25, 52/53
Net Weight: 104 lbs
Dimensions (HxWxD): 42 1/2", 21", 21 11/16"
Compatible Controllers: Wired Remote Controller (UTY-RNRUZ), Simple Remote Controller (UTY-RSRY)
Static Pressure in W.C.: 0.08-1.0

Voltage: 208-230V
Circuit Breaker: 35 Amps
Net Weight: 187 lbs
Dimensions (HxWxD): 39 5/16", 38 3/16", 14 9/16"
Minimum Line-set Length: 16'
Maximum Line-Set Length: 246'
Max Vert Diff: 98'
Outdoor Line-Set Ports: 3/8" x 5/8"

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