Airzone Aidoo Wifi Controller for Mitsubishi

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Airzone's Aidoo is the best Inverter/VRF Wi-Fi controller in the market today, combining seamless integration with smart technologies. This product is a great substitute for Mitsubishi's kumo cloud wifi interface.

Airzone Aidoo is compatible with both ducted and ductless HVAC Inverter/VRF systems, Aidoo Pro is a powerful, full integration device. Available for +80 brands and +12K AC unit models, covering the needs of residential and commercial projects.

Control your HVAC settings from anywhere in the world using the Airzone Aidoo app. Access to Aidoo remotely and set the perfect temperature back home for maximum comfort. No stress, no mess!

Wire Connector

Connects with:
Amazon Alexa
Google Home
3rd Party Thermostats (Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell)

Full two-way communication with the HVAC unit: On/Off, operation mode, fan speed and set-point temperature.
Reading of HVAC unit warnings and errors.
User modes: Stop, Comfort, Eco, Unoccupied, Night, Holiday.
Time scheduling of user modes, temperature and operation mode.
Cloud App available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

Customer Reviews

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Doug Gilbert

Very good service from Got Ductless!

Aidoo product works well with Mitsubishi mini split. It loses 1 star for lack of clear installation instructions and app that could be a lot sleeker.

Larry Merritt
Airzone Aidoo WiFi

Excellent product. Made my Mitsubishi minisplit "smart," like it should have been in the first place. Thank you, GotD.

Airzone Aidoo Wifi Controller for Mitsubishi

Thanks for the advice works great and easy to set up.

Larry Merritt

It's a shame that a $14k Mitsubishi Mini Split unit is so archaic. Even the remote has A LOT to be desired. So, when I went looking for something to "smarten" this baby up, I landed here on Got Ductless.

After a little research, I discovered that the Airzone Aidoo was going to be this unit's new brain. And, after the easy install and setup, I am very impressed. It does everything that it says it will do. I am now going to get a few more to smarten up the other head units in my house that are in living areas. I'm not concerned with the bedrooms as those can be set and forget.

A+++ to you, Got Ductless.

Glenn Howes
Better Than Mitsubishi

I’ve tried a variety of smart add ons to my 4 zone Mitsubishi mini split system. The Mitsubishi Wi-Fi modules were expensive and didn’t have nice smartphone apps. The Sensibo modules didn’t interact with the head units and would get out of sync if someone used the head unit’s remote. So, I was interested in something better.

And this Aidoo unit is better. It wires right into my M series wall unit and allows me not only to control it, but see its updated state from a nice iPhone app. Simple.

Unlike the other smart ad ons. Gives the full range of modes including auto and dry. Very quick. Doesn’t integrate with HomeKit or Siri so not giving it 5 stars.

Will be buying more for my ceiling units.

Thanks for the honest review, Glenn. Airzone has done a great job to create a competitive product that works very well. Hopefully they'll be able to integrate with HomeKit and Siri soon!

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