LG Features

Description & Features

Mini-split air conditioners equip the rooms they're installed in with personalized comfort, and the LSN090HXV is no different.

LG ductless systems incorporate cutting-edge technology, leading to extraordinary heating & cooling capabilities. Each LG air conditioning system has three elements: the state-of-the-art outdoor unit propelled by inverter technology, a stylish indoor unit proven to deliver air that's been conditioned to a room quietly, and a compact pipeline concealing refrigerant lines and wiring connecting the indoor and outdoor units.

The Advantages of Inverter Technology

The variable-speed inverter drives the outdoor units to consume less energy than standard heat pumps while delivering conditioned air to rooms noticeably quietly.  An inverter compressor cycles up or down as needed to maintain the rooms temperature & air quality a lot more efficiently than conventional air conditioners, which cycle on or off continuously.

LG Red Heat Technology

LG's RED° Heat (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) technology creates superior heating performance under extreme conditions. The ductless system has 100% of its heating capacity all the way down to 5°F and continues to heat all the way down to -13˚F. RED° Heat technology's enhanced performance delivers heat when traditional models can't with remarkable energy efficiency.

Smart ThinQ® - Control on the Go

With LG Smart ThinQ®, you can control your ductless split air conditioner from anywhere using your phone. All you need to do is download the Smart ThinQ® app, and you'll have remote access to adjust your mini-splits temperature, fan speed, air purification, air flow, sleep time, filter renewal date and everything else about your system.