Mitsubishi PAR-40MAAU Remote Controller

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General Information

  • Accessories

Basic Operations

  • On/Off
  • Operation Mode: Cool, Dry, Fan, Heat, Auto (Dual or Single setpoint)
  • Set Temperature
  • Fan Speed
  • Daylight Savings Time (DST)

Package Includes

  • PAR-40MAA-J

Operation Performance

  • The LCD display that makes it easy to see and control ductless units
  • Easy-to-use button arrangement makes navigation & usage intuitive and simple
  • Energy saving auto-return function maintains your indoor temperature at the level you set
  • Night Setback mode prevents excessive temperature rise or drop. Once you set the outer limits of the temperature you want any room to be, the system will cool once the upper temperature is reached and heat when the lower temperature is reached to keep your room as comfortable as possible.
  • Maintenance reminders remind you when filters in your systems need to be cleaned.