Fujitsu UTY-RNRUZ5 Touch Screen Wired Remote Controller

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General Information

    • Up to 16 individual indoor units can be simultaneously controlled
    • Large easy to see operation panel
    • Multiple language support
    • Control of 1 indoor unit with dual remote controller
    • Indoor unit automatically turns off after a set time has passed
    • The time interval for which auto-off works can be set
    • The setting temperature automatically returns to the previous setting temperature
    • Time range in which set temperature can be changed is 10 to 120 min
    • The set temperature range can be set for each operation mode
    • Weekly timer functions include - ability to shut off and turn on system, change in operation mode, and changes to the set temperature setting
    • Unwanted functions can be restricted
    • Password is necessary to operate
    • Error code history retrieval
    • Operation modes - auto/cool/dry/fan/heat

    Package Includes

    • UTY-RNRUZ5 Touch Screen Wired Remote Controller